#1519 Saints: Study Their Lives

And See THIS Truth

Today we’re going to wrap up our brief tour of Yogananda’s To Be Victorious in Life.

Let’s remember that his definition of the ULTIMATE success is pretty much EXACTLY our definition of the ultimate game we’re all called to play Heroically well.

He tells us: “Success is when you have so expanded your consciousness that your life is a glory and happiness to yourself and to others.”


Yogananda encourages us to study the lives of the “saints” we admire.



He tells us: “Study the lives of the saints. That which is easy to do is not the way of the Lord. That which is difficult to do is. His way! Saint Francis had more troubles than you could imagine, but he didn’t give up. One by one, by the power of mind, he overcame those obstacles and became one with the Master of the Universe.”

Then he says: “Why shouldn’t you have that kind of determination? I often think that the most sinful action in life is to admit failure, for in doing so, you deny the supreme power of your soul, God’s image within you. Never give up.”

He continues by saying: “Develop a liking for those pursuits that will help you to have greater mastery over yourself. Real victory is to carry out your good resolutions in spite of all difficulties. Let nothing break your determination. Most people reason, ‘Let it go today; I will try again tomorrow.’”

Then he brings the spiritual hammer (yet again!) as he says: “Don’t deceive yourself. That kind of thinking will not bring victory. If you make a resolution and never cease trying to carry it out, you will succeed. Saint Teresa of Avila said, ‘Saints are sinners who never gave up.’ Those who never surrender eventually attain victory.”


Do YOU want to be victorious in life?

First, we must know the ultimate game we’re playing and what TRUE victory looks like.

Second, we must KNOW that a) we can achieve ultimate victory and b) it’s not going to be easy!

Third, and most importantly, we need to DO THE WORK and NEVER GIVE UP.

Eknath Easwaran and Abraham Maslow come to mind.

In Future Visions, Maslow tells us: “Anybody, any person whatsoever, under any circumstance whatsoever, can be a psychological success— at least in the above sense, of doing the best that one can and doing fully what one can—to be himself or herself and to accept the reality of himself or herself.”

In Conquest of Mind, Easwaran tells us: “Ultimately there is not the slightest doubt that everyone who practices these disciplines with sustained enthusiasm can and will win this battle. The main question is how long we are going to let ourselves get knocked about first.”

We’ve been knocked about long enough.


It’s time to be victorious.

Let’s go, Hero!

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