#197 Removing Triggers

Making it Really Hard to Do the Not-So-Good Things

In our last +1, we talked about the power of triggers to make it really easy to do good things.

Today I want to talk about REMOVING the triggers that make it easy to do the sub-optimal things!!

It’s funny because I had this idea in the morning before I meditated as I was taking that morning concoction we just chatted about. I know Speed Is a Force so I wanted to capture it while the idea was fresh. So, I grabbed my phone and typed out the rough draft in Notes.

Then I put my phone back on the bathroom counter.

Not a good idea.

Why? Because the phone is probably my (and your!!) biggest trigger.

Just *seeing* my phone makes me want to pick it up and see if anything new has happened since I last touched it.

Even seeing ALEXANDRA’s phone makes me want to check it.

That’s a REALLY powerful negative trigger. And, that’s why I put my phone out of sight in my closet unless I’m using it. I literally hide it in the back on the top shelf in airplane mode and turned off so I have to reach for it and remember why I buried it when I want to use it.

As Dan Millman says, we want to make it REALLY easy to do the good things and really hard to do the bad things. (He says if you’re trying to quit smoking and want to keep a pack of cigarettes in the house, that’s fine. Just put them in a safe in some luggage behind some boxes in your garage. :)


Today’s +1. Two things.

First, what bad habit do you want to get rid of? And… What’s the trigger you need to eliminate to make that habit removal way easier?

And, second: Do you have your phone in sight (or in your pocket) all day every day? Know that’s triggering you constantly. Think about burying your phone somewhere for chunks of the day. Remember to go Deep—Deep in Love and Work WITHOUT your phone yanking at your attention all day.

Triggers. Install the good ones. Delete the bad ones. Make your key behaviors run on autopilot as you Optimize and actualize your heroic potential.

+1. +1. +1.

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