#1079 Real Enthusiasm

Passing Through the Worst and Realizing It’s the Best

In our last +1, we talked about the power of commitments.

I referenced my notes from my chat with my Yoda who gave us the koan-wisdom: “Success doesn’t matter in this world, commitment does.

Then we connected that to David Brooks and his wisdom on how to climb the second mountain in our quest for a moral life: MAKE COMMITMENTS. ← To our marriages, vocations, philosophies/faiths, and communities.

Today I want to go back to my notes in my chat with Phil.

Let’s flip to page three. Right in the middle. Huge all caps.


As I typed that I thought to myself, “I love my Yoda.”

One more time.

“Real enthusiasm,” Phil says, is “passing through the worst and realizing it’s the best.”

Reminds me of two things.

First: Winston Churchill’s gem that “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” (Which, for the record, is closely related to Today’s gem from Phil AND our last one…)

I’m also reminded of our “bad to good” gratitude wisdom from Robert Emmons. As you may recall, the world’s leading scientist on gratitude strongly encourages us to see the BENEFITS we have received from the HARDEST times of our lives.

The Masters are the ones who, right in the middle of those most challenging times, can see the power of their experience and how they’re becoming the next-best version of themselves.

One more time…

THAT is REAL enthusiasm.

“Passing through the worst and realizing it’s the best.”

And, that’s Today’s +1.

Passing through a tough time?

It is what it is.

Let’s accept it. And, love it. Knowing that, with the right mindset (as we work our protocols and cultivate our emotional stamina!), we can make it the best of times.



Chant it with me…


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