#1418 Raising Heroes

To Win or Learn!

In our last +1, we talked Emerson’s aspirations to become a chess master and the fact that if you want to be REALLY GOOD at something, you need to be willing to start out being REALLY BAD at it.

We also started WOOPing our goal and talked about the importance of specificity in goal setting.

Teaching Heroic Kids the science of turning our dreams into reality for the win!!!


I drafted that +1 with Emerson leaning on my shoulder as we recreated our dialogue and unpacked the wisdom before going on a Trail walk together.

After I reread it and edited it, we printed it out.

He pulled it out of the printer tray and stapled it and I put it on my pile.

That was the 8th +1 I had drafted for the next studio session in which I’ll film 30 of them.

As we discussed in this +1, when I’m hammering +1 Deep Work writing, I put 30 +1s up on my white board and then I systematically cross them off as I go.

I asked Emerson if he’d like to stand on my chair and draw a line through the 8th +1 on my white board.

He said: “YES!”


He drew one line through that +1 and wanted to draw an “X” through it but I said: “Not yet! I only get one line now. I’ll get the ‘X’ when I read it again and make final edits. Then John will come out and we’ll film all 30. When I’m done with that, I’ll erase all the +1s and X’s and say, ‘THAT’S LIKE ME!’ as I celebrate.”

Then I thanked him for his help and told him how excited I was to help him achieve his goals with chess and in life.

Then he told me: “I’m serious! When I’m a chess master almost no one will be able to beat me!”

To which I laughed and said: “I know! And… You know what’s super cool? Playing those people who CAN beat you is going to be AWESOME as well! You know why?”

To which he said: “Of course!! I’m going LEARN a ton from them!”

To which I smiled and celebrated his growth mindset as I had a moment of wishing someone had taught ME the power of a growth mindset so I didn’t need to spend 40+ years of my life figuring out the fact that it’s about winning or learning and learning IS winning so you WIN or you WIN! 🤓

Then I celebrated the fact that we (that would be me and you and all of us!) are raising the next generation of HEROES through our example and instruction as parents and educators. 🙏


That’s Today’s +1.

What do YOU want to Master in YOUR life?

Are you willing to have the humility to recognize that you’ve gotta shine a flashlight on what’s working and what’s not working and then bring the hammer of discipline to move from Theory to Practice to Mastery so we can change the world together?


Day 1. All in.


P.S. I can’t type that “Theory to Practice to Mastery” line these days without thinking about our new Heroic Mastery program. We just launched it a week ago.

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