#436 Railroad Spikes

Are Good for Pounding

A few +1s ago we talked about pounding the bliss out of our #1 goals. We might have wrapped up that chat with a few dozen hammer emoticons.



Well, since then, I’ve increased the size of my metaphorical pounding device from a hammer to a sledgehammer. And, I actually bought an old, rusty railroad spike from Amazon (and sent one to Evan as well; I plan to send a framed spike to Phil once I’ve completed the project).

My spike is currently on my windowsill looking at me as I type this—reminding me to have fun as I POUND and POUND and POUND on that wildly important goal.

For adventurous souls: You can get your own rusty, used railroad spike here. Or, if you’re feeling it, you can get a sweet new carbon steel one (with a blue tint no less) here. Or, of course, you can skip the purchase and do whatever inspires you.

But here’s the question.

What’s your wildly important goal?

What do you REALLY want in your life?

Are you all in?

Today’s +1: How can you have fun pounding that spike into the railway that leads to your actualization just a little more today?

+1. +1. +1.

Moment to moment to moment. Day in and day out.

🛤 🛤 🛤 🛤 🛤 🛤 🛤 🛤 🛤 🛤 🛤 🛤 🛤 🛤 🛤 🛤 🛤 🛤 🛤 🛤

Here’s to you and your railroad spikes. Let the good times roll! 🤠

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