#834 (Quit!) Touching Your Phone

How Many Times Will You Today?

In our last few +1s, we’ve been talking about how to Make Time.

We talked about Jake and JZ’s four steps to rocking it: Highlight (know the #1 thing you’ll do to make Today awesome) + Laser (eliminate distractions so you can focus on that thing like a laser) + Energize (take care of your body so your mind can do its job) + Reflect (experiment, experiment, experiment! and Optimize, Optimize, Optimize!). 🤓

We also talked about the astonishing fact that for most people, “distraction is a full-time job.” Add up those four hours of smartphone use and the four-plus hours of TV watching and… Yowsers!

Today I want to talk about another crazy stat.

Get this.

Jake and JZ tell us: “Apple reports that people unlock their iPhones an average of 80 times per day, and a 2016 study by customer-research firm Dscout found that people touched their phones an average of 2,617 times per day. Distracted has become the new default.

Wait wait wait wait wait!!


I can buy the 80 unlocks a day. That’s crazy but… Still… Assuming 16 hours in a waking day that’s 5 unlocks per hour. Crazy but not that crazy.


2,617 smartphone touches per day?!


Assuming 16 hours in a waking day that’s… (I’m actually busting out a calculator for this one… 🤓)

2,617 divided by 16 equals…


*rubs eyes*

The average person touches their phones ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE (and a half!) times per hour?

Yet another reason we don’t want to be (and I laugh as I type this) an “average person.”

Cue Krishnamurti and Mark Twain again. (Perhaps we should just put them on autorepeat?)

Krsihnamurti: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

Twain: “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to
pause and reflect.

(btw: Those 2,617 touches? That’s just the average user. That same study found that the super-duper-power smartphone users (aka the top 10%) touch their phones an astonishing 5,400 times per day. 😲 😱 😵)

Today’s +1.

How many times will YOU touch your phone Today?

One more time:

-1 -1 -1 for the +1 +1 +1 win!

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