#317 Quantum Optimizing

Big Things Come Through the Little Things

In Coming Alive, Barry Michels and Phil Stutz say that if we want to tap into the Life Force that will empower us to reach our infinite potential, we’ve gotta focus on the small things.

The super small things.

Here’s how they put it: “Most people focus on the bigger, more challenging events in life, but the forces that drive the universe function on a much smaller level. We call this the world of small things — ‘things’ in the sense of minor, seemingly inconsequential acts. Just the way modern physics studies matter at the level of the smallest particles, the best way to understand human behavior is at the level of the most common actions and events.

Rudolf Steiner, the great European philosopher, put it this way: the most important things enter the world through the smallest things. The commonplace is crucial because most of our time is spent doing commonplace things.”

Just like modern quantum physics is focused on understanding the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the smallest levels imaginable, WE need to focus on the smallest units of measurement in OUR lives.

In our 1-on-1 work, Phil describes those tiny units in our lives as “micro-transactions.” The MICRO-transactions hold the key to us having all the power we need to become all that we’re capable of becoming.

What are micro-transactions?

Well… How about that micro-moment of interaction you had with the person checking out your groceries — were you looking at your phone or saying hello? Or what about that micro-moment at work when you felt fear — did you step back into safety or forward into growth? Or what about that micro-moment when you came home from work and the kids were rowdy — did you act impatiently or awesomely?

Micro-moments. All day every day. Those are micro-transactions.

Your commitment to and ability to do your best in those seemingly unimportant moments determine your destiny.

David Allen echoed this wisdom in one of our chats when he said that the sublime enters via the mundane.


Today’s +1.

Remember that the “big” things come through the very smallest things.

Let’s go quantum with our Optimizing.

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