#736 Pre-Wins

Yoda’s Laws of Action: Part 1

I meet with my Yoda (Phil Stutz) on Mondays at 3:00 PM.

I meet with our Heroic Coaches on Tuesdays at 9:00 AM.

Not too long ago, that coaching session with Phil was the last thing I did before our very first session with our very first class of Coaches.

As you can imagine, I was super excited (of both the pure excitement and the “Bring it on!” varieties 🤓) to welcome 1,000+ Coaches from 60+ countries around the world via our live Zoom broadcast the next morning.

So, I asked Phil what Tools I should be using that evening and the next morning.

To which he responded with a tsunami of wisdom on what he calls “The Laws of Action.”

I actually wound up kicking our entire program off with a quick look at these Tools. Over the next few days, we’re going to take a super quick look at a few of the gems from that session. Specifically: Pre-wins, stringing pearls, and the “Bring it on!” punching bag.

First, Phil told me about “Pre-wins.”

Short story: Phil’s ALL about taking ACTION. Intensely. Ceaselessly.

As such, the measure of my “success” the next day wasn’t based on the quality of my presentation per se (or any other result/outcome), it was based on the fact that I had the courage to actually launch the program and even be there.

The “win,” Phil says, is ALWAYS (!!!) on the action, not the results. (But only ALWAYS!!!)

Therefore, by taking action, I had ALREADY “won.”

That’s a pre-win.

And that’s Today’s +1.

Let’s celebrate all that action you’re taking.

Strip away your thoughts about results for a moment and simply celebrate the fact that you’re IN THE GAME!!!

Let’s remember that, as Phil says: we “take action not to win but to change ourselves.”

Action. Action. Action.

Pre-win. Pre-win. Pre-win.

Optimizing. Optimizing. Optimizing.

Actualizing. Actualizing. Actualizing.

Let’s stay committed to being committed and high five our daimons Today.

+1. +1. +1.

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