#973 Practice Balls

Make that: PRACTICE Balls

The other day I was walking home from our studio. It’s only a few minutes from our house near downtown Ojai, California.

(Fun fact for curious souls, our studio-office is the former headquarters for David Allen’s Getting Things Done organization.)

I’d just filmed 36 +1s. My brain was a little melted after 3+ hours of cranking but I was smiling to myself thinking of you and hoping you loved them as I reflected on some of my favorite ones from the day’s work.

I thought of one of my favorite +1s on “Problems vs. Conblems.”

As you may recall, the big idea there was simple: The word “problem” literally means “to throw forward.” As in, to throw a BALL forward.


You can imagine my delight when I saw a tennis ball on the little dirt trail I was walking on at almost PRECISELY the moment I was reflecting on the awesomeness of problem-balls.

Now, we live in a big tennis town so I walk past a tennis academy on the 5-minute walk home. Seeing balls around isn’t that rare, but I smiled and took it as a wink from the Universe as I picked the ball up.

The best part?

The ball had a huge “PRACTICE” stamp on it.

Then I saw a second ball up ahead.

I figured that second one represented having (heroic) strength for two so I picked that one up as well. 🤠

They now sit proudly on the corner of my desk—constant reminders to have fun throwing my practice problem-balls around in this wonderful game of life.

And, well, that’s Today’s +1.

Here’s to PRACTICE balls! 🤓

🎾 🎾 🎾

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