#1007 PM Counts Twice

PM → AM + DAY + PM = #carpediem

The other day I was revisiting my Masterpiece Day.

I’m pretty much constantly tweaking it on a micro +1 level and, when needed, revisiting it for a deeper architectural analysis of what’s working and what can use some work. 🤓

Usually I sketch out my day as a tall rectangle with an AM Bookend at the top and a PM Bookend at the bottom.

This time, I drew the day as a circle.

Recall: As we’ve discussed so many times, our day actually STARTS the night before—which is why our PM Bookends (featuring a solid shut-down complete and digital sunset rituals) are so important if we want to give ourselves the best shot of waking up feeling ready to rock.


I drew a circle.

Then I drew some arrows around the circle, starting at the top and going counterclockwise. I put “PM” on the upper left (around the 11 o’clock position). Then I drew an arrow from that to “AM” (around the 8 o’clock position) then the arrow continued to “DAY” (around the the 4 o’clock position) then it came back to another “PM” (around the 2 o’clock position).

I looked at that and said to myself, “Hmmm… Interesting. I have two PMs in one day.”

Then I thought: “PM counts twice. Fascinating.”

At which point I might have heard a mini choir of angels start to sing as I thought about Angela Duckworth’s Gritty line wisdom that “Effort counts twice.”

Recall: The rough equation for peak performance goes something like this:

Talent (which she defines as how fast you can naturally learn a skill) x Effort = Skill.

Skill x Effort = Achievement.

← Notice: Effort counts twice.

Back to our Masterpiece Day.

Remember: PM counts twice.

It’s pretty obvious that “Today” will have a PM to it. It’s not quite so obvious that “Today” ALSO had a PM yesterday.


Want to make tomorrow a great day?

Start it tonight.

PM → AM + DAY + PM = #carpediem

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