#1210 Pearl Habits

How to Create Something Valuable from an Irritant

Wrapping up our tour through BJ Fogg’s brilliant mind and equally brilliant book Tiny Habits, Today we’re going to talk about something he calls “Pearl Habits.”

I love this idea.

In fact, it’s basically his take on a recent +1 of ours called: The S → R Game in which we had some fun creating a new response to an existing stimulus.

For me, that includes seeing LEGOs scattered on the floor. (lol)

Those LEGOs could trigger an annoyed response OR it could trigger an opportunity to appreciate our kids’ energy and enthusiasm and creativity.

BJ tells us: “I call these habits Pearl Habits because they use prompts that start out as irritants then turn them into something beautiful.”

Each of the chapters in Tiny Habits has a number of practical exercises. Here’s the 5-step guide to help us: “Create Pearl Habits to Deal With Irritants in Your Life.”

“Step 1: List at least ten things that often happen to you that irritate you (a long line, a noisy motorcycle, a barking dog next door).

Step 2: Select the most frequent and annoying thing on your list.

Step 3. Explore new, beneficial habits you could do after the annoyance. Come up with at least five options.

Step 4: Select your best option from step 3 and create a Tiny Habit Recipe. For example: After I realize I must stand in line, I will practice standing on one foot, then the other.

Step 5: Start practicing your Pearl Habit. (And notice what happens to your irritation level.)”

There ya go.

That’s Today’s +1.

If you feel so inspired, let’s create something valuable from an irritant.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.



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