#1216 Pearl Bites

Alchemizing the Inevitable Chigger-Triggers

In our last +1, we talked about the neuroscience of Trail making.

Or, at least…

We explored my thoughts on the parallels between the way our brain rewires itself as I joyfully weed whacked a little Trail out here in the country.

We wrapped that one up with a friendly weed-whacking-a-new-Habit-Trail reminder: “Don’t forget. When you’re whacking away (on your new habits) in tall grass in a sub-tropical climate, the bug bites and scratches are to be expected.”

Then of course I threw in: “Yeehah! 🤠 Let’s do this.”

Today I want to talk more about those bug bites.

And chiggers.

Ever heard of chiggers? I hadn’t before I arrived here.

Let’s just say that I’m now keenly aware of the importance of tall socks and pants (and long-sleeve shirts and gloves) when working in tall grass (and with dead wood) and I can see why cowboy boots are so great for such environments and tasks. (Hah.) (Scratch.) (Ouch.) (Hah.)



I may be getting bitten out here in the country about 1,000 times more than I was when we were living in the comfy confines of our sterilized downtown place in Southern California.

But you know what?

EVERY SINGLE TIME I get a bite or feel an itch I smile.

I’ve used Hermes’s magical wand on those guys and created a little Pearl Habit out of those (chigger-)triggers.

If I feel a little itchy itch from a bug bite, then I smile and remind myself that we’re living in paradise and that those little inconveniences are WELL WORTH the trade.

I now call them “Pearl Bites.”

← Irritants that point to deeper beauty and blessings.

That’s Today’s +1.

Have you made any bold decisions that have blessed your life with awesome?


At the same time introducing some other elements you didn’t used to have to worry about?

Of course you have.

ALL decisions come with those trades—whether it’s becoming a parent or an entrepreneur or a country boy (or girl).

Here’s to alchemizing any and all irritants into pearls as we celebrate this precious life of ours.


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