#367 Optimize = Optimus

= The Best Version of You

Somehow we’ve spent a year together with these Heroic +1s and we haven’t even talked about the ancient etymology of one of my favorite words: Optimize.

So… Pop quiz!

Do you know what the word Optimize literally means?

It’s from the Latin optimus which means the “best.”

In our case, of course, we’re talking about the BEST version of YOU.

So, another quick question: What’s the BEST version of YOU look like?

Seriously. Take a moment. Step back. Imagine that absolute best version of you. Today. 5. 10. 25 years from now. Get a clear image. See it. Feel it.

Got it? Fantastic.

Now, let’s have that image in mind as we remind ourselves WHY we spend our time together Optimizing. Helping you be *that* version of yourself all day every day is what it’s all about.

So, let’s bring that Optimus You back into the picture.

Today’s +1: What’s one little thing that version of you would like to do today?

Got it? Fantastic.

Go rock that.

High fives from me to Optimize You!

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