#1306 One Percent Better

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In our last couple +1s, we spent some time hanging out with world-class mental toughness coach Brian Cain.

We broke some arrows, ate some fire and got an invitation to a big UFC event where one of his fighters made Epictetus proud by smiling as he got punched in the face. 😲

Today we’re going to spend some more time with Cainer.

We’re going to talk about getting 1% better.

Let’s head back to his little fable (appropriately called One Percent Better) where his characters Sunny and Mr. Big are having a little chat.

“‘Good morning, Mr. Big! It’s time to get juiced. Either we are going to dominate the day or the day will dominate us. Are you ready?’ Sunny asked this with the excitement of a kid on Christmas Day.

As we began walking the halls to the scent of bacon and breakfast, Sunny started asking me about math. ‘Mr. Big, there are 24 hours in a day and 60 minutes in each hour. How many minutes are there in a day?’

I quickly took out my phone and asked, ‘Hey, Siri. How many minutes in a day?’

‘There are 1,440 minutes in a day,’ Siri chimed back.

Then she asked, ‘What’s 1% of 1,440?’

This is where I was stumped. I wasn’t sure how to do the math. After all, I wasn’t a math teacher. ‘No idea,’ I replied.

‘1% of a day is 14 minutes and 24 seconds,’ she said emphatically. ‘Everyone wants to get 1% better but they fail to intentionally invest 1% of their day because they don’t even know that it’s a strategy for success.’”


Mr. Big is a burned-out teacher. Sunny is his mentor. She works in the cafeteria and “brings the juice!” all day every day. Her #1 lesson and the focal point of the entire book?

As Brian tells us: “The best place to start is to intentionally invest 1% of your day into yourself and become a better version of you today than you were yesterday. Then wake up tomorrow and do the same thing. Rinse and repeat. It’s actually quite simple.”

Now, let’s review the math.

There are 24 hours in a day. 60 minutes per hour. That’s 1,440 minutes per day.

1% of that?

14 minutes and 24 seconds.

1% of your day.

Here’s the question: What’s the #1 thing you KNOW you could be doing that, if you spent just 1% of your day doing it, would have THE most positive impact in your life?

Seriously. What is it?

1% of your day meditating is 14 minutes and 24 seconds of meditation.

Would that change your life?

How about 1% of your day training? Or 1% of your day with ZERO technology spent 101% focused on being present with your significant other and/or kids?

Would that change your life?

Or 1% of your day reflecting on your life purpose. Or LIVING more on purpose—doing the things you KNOW you could be doing for just 14 minutes and 24 seconds TODAY?

Would that change your life?

+1%. +1%. +1%

Tiny investments that lead to tiny gains.

That add up.


Here’s to using 1% of our days to get 1% better.


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