#41 OMMS

The Hero’s Mantra

Ultimately, what we want to get *really* (!!!) good at alchemizing any and all challenges into fuel for the bonfire that is our passionate commitment to living a heroic life in service to something bigger than ourselves.

As I’ve mentioned, I chose obstacle course racing as my new sport-hobby because I just LOVE the concept of paying to encounter obstacles that you need to figure out how to go over or under or across or… whatever it takes.

Now, I don’t meet those obstacles with a sour-faced grimace. I PAY to have fun testing my abilities to masterfully navigate the course. And, when I fail, I bang out my burpees and take a mental note of what needs work so I can more skillfully navigate that obstacle in the future.

Joe De Sena, founder of Spartan Race and grit exemplar extraordinaire, tells us that we want to become “immune to obstacles.”

I just love that.

Imagine being IMMUNE to obstacles such that hey have no effect on you.

In fact, let’s take it one step further and notice that obstacles *literally* make us stronger.

Of course, the obstacle course is simply a physical representation of the mental and emotional and creative obstacles we all face every day. We want to get immune to those obstacles. We want to see that they make us stronger. And we want to see that IN THE MOMENT we’re getting our butts kicked!!

Here’s my new mantra to help me internalize this: OMMS.

Obstacles Make Me Stronger.


The hero’s mantra. Chanted with a fierce determination in our souls and a smile on our face, knowing we have what it takes to meet any and every challenge life throws at us.




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