#1358 My Top 3 Love Targets

What Are YOURS?

In our last +1, we talked about bids.

What’s a bid?

A bid is one of those requests our loved ones make that are often preceded by…



“Hey, Honey…”

Science says: We want to pay attention to them.

I say: Yes!


Let’s respond to them AND use them as triggers/prompts/cues to create another Micro-Moment of Awesome with Someone You Love.

Why hit one Heroic Target when you can hit TWO?

(Hah. Seriously. Let’s go, Hero!)

Target Swipe: Respond to Bid from Someone 🎯

Target Swipe: Micro-Moment of Awesome with Someone 🎯

Today I want to chat about my Top 3 Love Targets.

As you may recall, I said that it’s really hard to have a series of really bad days when I hit my Top 3 Energy Targets and/or my Top 3 Work Targets.

It’s even harder to have a really bad day and nearly impossible to have a really bad series of bad days when I hit my Energy AND my Work AND my Love Targets.


These are my Top 3 Love Targets:

I. Recommit to Sacred Vow (51st | BFFs | Papa)

II. Eat a Challenge Like an Energy Bar

III. Send Wifey a Love Note

(What are YOURS?)

Let’s take a quick look at each while YOU think about what Love Targets help YOU stay connected to your best self!

I. Recommit to Sacred Vow (51st | BFFs | Papa)

As you may recall, my #1 Work Target is recommitting to my Sacred Vow to help create a world in which 51% of humanity is flourishing by the year 2051 as I get my Soul Force to 101 and strive to help 1M people do the same.

I make a similar commitment to my family EVERY SINGLE MORNING.

I want to celebrate (and I am committed to doing what I need to do to celebrate—important addition!) being with Alexandra for 51 years. That’s what the “51st” means. I want to be best friends with my kids when they are adults. That’s what the “BFFs” means. And, I want to be the “Papa” to my kids’ kids. That’s what “Papa” means for me.

Alexandra and I have been together for 15 years. Every morning as I recommit to being together for 51 years, I smile and commit to being worthy. Our kids are only 10 and 5. Every morning when I recommit to being close to them for our entire lives and then imagine THEM having kids, I smile and commit to being worthy. Not someday. TODAY.

It’s hard to put into perspective just how powerful that 1-3-5 second intention-setting is for me. It’s powerful. Highly recommend something similar if you feel so inspired.

II. Eat a Challenge Like an Energy Bar

My second Target? I want to LOVE life and its Heroic challenges so much that I eat those challenges like the energy bars they are—which is why I commit to doing that every.single.morning.

Fun fact: I often immediately hit that Target in the morning if I had a chance to contemplate a Heroic challenge in the middle of the night as I cooked a Hero Bar with my heroes. 🙂

III. Send Wifey a Love Note

This third one is a new-er one. I have swapped out a lot in this spot including “Deep Love after Shutdown” or “Micro-Moments of Awesome with A + E1 + E2.”

It’s just what it sounds like it is. I commit to texting Alexandra a little love note. Then, I send it before I do anything else that day. This is another one of those tiny little things that takes 30-60 seconds that provides huge gains. HIGHLY recommend it.

Those are my Top 3 Heroic Love Targets.

I will repeat yet again…

It’s REALLY (!) hard to have a series of really bad days when I hit those three simple targets.

Which is precisely why I use the Heroic app to recommit to those Targets every.single.morning and then strive to hit those Targets every.single.day.



Today’s +1 has NOTHING to do with me.

It’s all about YOU.

What are YOUR Top 3 Love Targets?

What are three simple things you can commit to, to help you be at your best Love-wise?



I. ______________________

II. _____________________

III. _____________________

Fantastic. 👏

Clarity is Step #1.


Is TODAY a good day to commit to and then hit those targets, Hero?

Awesome. Day 1. All in. Let’s go.

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