#1322 My Top 3 Energy Targets

It’s Hard to Have a Bad Day When I Hit These (Yours?)

Every day I hit 101 Targets in the Heroic App.

As I joke with our team and with some friends, “101 Targets a day keeps the daimon in play!”

I can assure you that it’s *really* hard to have a *really* bad day when you start your day recommitting to being your best self in your Energy, Work, and Love and then do 101 things you KNOW help you stay plugged in.


Don’t take my word for it.

Test it! 🤓


I recommit to over 30 Heroic Energy Targets every morning. I’ve basically breadcrumbed my day with what I KNOW I do when I’m at my best so I can make that prior best my new baseline.

My #1 Energy Target?

“In Bed for 9-10 Hours”

👆 I haven’t missed that ONCE since we launched the app. Sleep is a sport for me and THAT (process!) Target is the #1 reason why my (outcome Target!) average Oura Sleep Score has been 90+ every month for nearly 2 years.

For curious souls, my current Heroic Energy Top 3 includes:

I. In Bed for 9-10 Hours

II. AM Meditation (1%)

III. Movement (30 Min)

Just hitting THOSE three Targets would be enough to keep me feeling pretty darn Zesty and provide bumper rails to make sure I never got too off track.

But, of course, I’m not trying to keep myself on track, I’m trying to see just how Heroically I can show up and just how much Soul Force I can activate as I strive to help YOU show up with a fully-activated Soul Force of 101!

Which is why I also recommit to a Digital Sunset, PM Meditation (1%), my 1 Sun Salutation, 10 Pull-ups, 100 Burpees, 1,000 Meters of Rowing, 10,000 Steps and a couple dozen other targets.

But that’s not quite the point of this +1.

When I started writing it I planned to share a new 2 minute and 43 second Heroic meditation with you but I’ll save that for our next +1.

Today’s +1 is this…

What are YOUR Top 3 Heroic Energy Targets?

What are the THREE simple things you do when YOU are plugged in and at your most-Heroically-Energized best?


What are they?


(Yes, I’m shouting.)

Life doesn’t need to be so hard.

We just need to step back from TikTok and the latest must-see Netflix show for a moment or three, get clarity on who we are and what we do when we’re at our best and then… BE THAT best version of ourselves and DO THE THINGS that best version of ourselves does!!

As always…

Not once in a while and DEFINITELY not only when we feel like it.


All day, EVERY day ESPECIALLY on those days when we don’t feel like it.

THAT, I repeat, is how we develop the antifragile confidence to KNOW that we have what it takes to show up and respond to every challenge life throws at us while we give the world all we’ve got.

Of course, we architected the E N T I R E Heroic app to help you move from Theory to Practice to Mastery TODAY but whether you choose to use our tools or some other set of tools, please please please please please take the time to get clear on who you are at your best then recommit to being that version of yourself and doing the things that best version of you does TODAY.

We need you at your Heroic best.

Day 1. All in.

Let’s GO!!!

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