#1350 My #1 WIN (Yours?)

If All You Did Today Was This…

In our last couple +1s, we talked about my Top 3 Work targets and then we talked about my #1 Target: “Recommitting to my Sacred Vow.” 🎯

As you may recall, these are my Top 3 Heroic Work Targets:

I. Recommit to Sacred Vow (101 | 1M | 51 2051)

II. #1 WIN

III. Shut-down Complete

Which begs the question…

What are YOUR Top 3 Work Targets?

I. ______________________

II. _____________________

III. _____________________

Quick check in…

Have you taken a moment or three to reflect on that?

If not, why not?


We’re trying to move from Theory to Practice to Mastery, Hero!!

Let’s GOOO!!!


Today I want to chat about my #2 Heroic Work Target.

Right after I reread and recommit to my Sacred Vow and BEFORE I allow ANY inputs into my life (no email, no smartphone, no inputs yet!), I decide what THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is that I’m going to do that day and then… I DO IT.


As I like to say, if that was all I did that day but I did that EVERY DAY, I’d still be more effective and more productive than I was before I made this a non-negotiable habit.

Now, of course, if you feel so inspired, we want to combine this AM Work practice with a good “Shut-down complete!” protocol (my #3 Work Target which is the subject of our next +1!) and all the Energy stuff that helps us show up for that WIN feeling ZESTY.

Do that consistently and let’s see if we can astonish yourself (and the world) with both the quantity AND the quality of your creative output.


Don’t just hit that “#1 WIN” Target once during the day.

Discipline yourself to CONSTANTLY focus on WHAT’S IMPORTANT NOW!

All day. Every day.



Target swipe: “#1 WIN!” 🎯

Target swipe: “#1 WIN!” 🎯

Target swipe: “#1 WIN!” 🎯

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