#8 Motivation = ENERGY x (Value x Expectancy / Impulsivity x Delay)

A Modified Look at the Science of Motivation

Yesterday we talked about our motivation equation. You know: Motivation = Value x Expectancy / Impulsivity x Delay

Quick re-cap: Our motivation will always be driven by how fired up we are about getting something (Value) and how confident we are that we can have it (Expectancy). To the extent we REALLY REALLY want something and REALLY REALLY know we can get it, we’re more likely to show up and work hard.

Then we need to make sure we don’t dissipate that motivation by being distracted by all the shiny push notifications, etc. (Impulsivity) and that we keep micro goals in front of us so we’re always making progress (Delay).

All of that is super powerful. Throw your current Motivation into that equation and look at the data to see where you can Optimize.


Here’s what that equation should *really* be:

Motivation = ENERGY x (Value x Expectancy / Impulsivity x Delay)

Fact is, if your energy sucks, the whole equation falls apart. When you’re tired, you just don’t *see* the world the same way. Literally. (Did you know sleep deprived people have bad memories for good stuff but good memories for bad stuff? It’s true.)

Hence, our #1 priority: Optimize your energy. If you have a hard time getting out of bed, you’re going to have a hard time reaching your potential.

So… What’s the #1 thing you’re going to START doing to Eat/Move/Sleep/Breathe/Focus better and the #1 thing you’re going to STOP doing?

Let’s +1 your energy today!!

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