#148 Metaphysical Gluttony

How to Stop OptiBinging and Have More Fun Optimizing

In a prior +1 we talked about the risk of overwhelming ourselves as we go ALL IN on Optimizing. One of the ways to deal with that tendency is to practice the science of self-compassion.

Super-quick recap there:

1. Be nice to yourself. When you (inevitably!!) fall short of your ideals, don’t beat yourself up. Talk to yourself the way you would talk to a dear friend or child.
2. See the common humanity. EVERYONE struggles. You’re not alone. You’re not having a hard time because you’re You per se, but because you’re HUMAN. (And, remember: There are NO perfect people.)
3. Be mindful. Don’t let yourself spin out of control ruminating from thought to thought. Notice the stuff that’s arising. Label it. Move on.

So, self-compassion is powerful.

Here’s another tip: In the words of Ken Wilber: Don’t be a metaphysical glutton.

In short: Don’t try to change EVERYTHING AT ONCE.

You simply can’t dial in every facet of your life at once. You can’t implement every single idea we talk about instantly and impeccably. Period.

(Sorry to to break the news to you. Hah.)

We need to embrace the constraints of reality like a good Optimalist. We need to take a deep breath, commit to the long run, then fill up our water pots little by little—drop by drop.

Getting just a little better today. Knowing we don’t need to (and simply can’t!!) change it all at once and once and for all. We just need to +1.

And, let’s remember to have fun as we +1!!

Pick the stuff that fires you up. Let go of the rest.


Have fun.


Have fun.


Have fun.

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