#1073 Memento (Time) Flies

28 Days Later

In our last +1, we talked about the science of Memento Mori. And, for the courageous among us, we actually walked through the “death” scenario scientists use to create more gratitude in their test subjects.


Right after I typed that +1, I cruised into the bathroom (TMI? 😲 ) where, on the window sill, I saw a dead fly.

I picked him (or was it her?) up.

I held its tiny, fragile, yet astonishingly perfect and beautiful little exoskeleton-body in my palm—admiring its green body, remarkable wings and little (yet relatively huge) eyes….

Thinking to myself: Memento Mori. Life is, indeed, an eccentric privilege.

Then I thanked the Stoic-Scientific gods for their generous reminder of the preciousness of life.

Then I headed back to the ol’ computer for a quick little Google search.

Q: “How long do flies live?”

Can you guess the answer?

(Insert noodling here. 🍜)

28 days.

That tiny little house fly gets 28 days.

We, of course, are lucky to get a few more days (and a few more brain cells) than that.


a) In the big scheme of things, we don’t get THAT much longer; and,
b) We never know when that string of days will run out.

Therefore, as the wisest have always instructed us, we’d be wise to live as if each day (and each moment) were our last.

Time flies. (😉)

Let’s celebrate each precious moment.


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