#1370 Meet Your Guide

With a Capital “G”

I’m getting ready to write my book.

Technically, it’s not my book. It’s OUR book.

I don’t own the rights to it. Heroic Public Benefit Corporation does.

Title: Heroic.

Current working sub-title(s):

Heroic: A Training Manual to Activate Your Soul Force

Or, perhaps…

Heroic: Ancient Wisdom + Modern Science + Practical Tools to Actualize Your Potential.

Or, perhaps we’ll go with the minimalist:

Heroic: Activate Your Soul Force


Something better.

I’ll be asking for your guidance to help us figure that out soon!

The book will be the distillation of all the wisdom I’ve been studying and practicing and teaching for the better part of the last 20+ years.

It will feature the same core seven Objectives from the Mastery Series and Basic Training.

Objective I: Know the Ultimate Game

Objective II: Forge Antifragile Confidence

Objective III: Optimize Your Big 3

Objective IV: Make Today a Masterpiece

Objective V: Master Yourself

Objective VI: Dominate the Fundamentals

Objective VII: Activate Your Soul Force


Before we get to all that, it will start with…

Objective O: Answer the Call.

As Joseph Campbell tells us, the Hero’s Journey begins with the Hero (that would be YOU!), ANSWERING THE CALL.

Note: NOTHING (!) interesting happens until the Hero is willing to voyage beyond their comfort zone into the unknown.

Then the Hero meets a Guide. Then the Hero meets some awesome Buddies with whom they’ll go on their Quest. Then they get to face their idiosyncratic Villain-Dragons. Then they win or they learn (usually a great story has a lot of both!) and…

Then they Return to the “normal” world transformed as the real challenge begins: figuring out how to give their new-found gifts to the world.


They repeat the whole process.

Again and again and again.


As part of that introductory Objective, we’ll define what it means to be a Hero, map out what our Heroic quest throughout the book will look like and…

I’ll introduce myself with a micro-chapter called “Meet Your Guide.”

I’ll talk about the fact that Harry and Hermione and Ron got Dumbledore as their guide while Frodo and Aragorn and Legolas got Gandalf as their guide, and the X-Men (and women) got Professor Xavier as their guide.

For the purposes of the book, I’ll share a little about my background and humbly submit myself as a prospective guide—noting the fact that Professor Xavier and I share the same haircut while I go back and forth on working on my Dumbledore/Gandalf-esque beard. 🤓


I’ll make the point that I’m the guide with a lower-case “g.”

My job?

To help you more and more consistently connect with your own internal Guide with a CAPITAL “G.”

The fact is…

You already have all the wisdom you need.

You already have the wisest possible Guide you could ever possibly find.

It’s that quiet voice within.

It’s your Daimon.

We just need to help you connect to and follow the wisdom from that Guide more and more consistently—which, of course, is the entire point of all of our work together.


Today’s +1…

Let’s take a breath together as we invite the best, most Heroic versions of ourselves to join us and give us a little Guidance for Today…

Flip the switch.

Sit or stand a little taller.

Chest up. Chin down.

Take that nice deep breath…

In through the nose…

Down into the belly…

Back out through the nose…

Exhale slightly longer than the inhale…


“Hi, Daimon.”


Let’s ask them…

“Daimon: What’s the ONE thing you’d like me to think about Today?”


“What’s the ONE thing you’d like me to DO Today?”

Got it?


Now go do it.

Today’s the Day, Hero.

When in doubt, flip the switch, connect with your Guide and ask them what THEY think you should do.

And give us all you’ve got.


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