#675 Meet My New Sweatband: Leonidas

What’s a Symbol for YOUR Jumbo-Commitments?

In our last +1, we met Joe De Sena’s kettlebell named Leo. (I laugh as I type that.)

As you may recall, little Leonidas goes everywhere Joe goes. Traveling around the world? Mr. Leo gets checked in. Heading to the office in the morning. Leo’s going, too.

All day every day. Joe and his 44-pound cast-iron little Leo are BFFs.

Now, as I was preparing for Greatest Year Ever 2019 (the class and the year), I was reflecting on that epic love story and thinking about the importance of having symbols to capture our most important intentions.

For Joe, that kettlebell represents his commitment to obstacle immunity and to honoring the pledge he’s made to help 100 million people Optimize their lives via his Spartan Races—which I find to be SUPER inspiring.

I wondered: What symbol can I create for myself that will capture my commitment to stepping up and into the next-best version of myself as a social entrepreneur and leader—doing my part to help 100 million (!!) people Optimize their lives by combining the power of Wisdom + Community + Virtue?

For about 5 seconds, I considered taking Joe’s lead and carrying around my own 44-pound kettlebell. But, a) that’s crazy (even by my standards—lol) and b) that’s Joe’s thing.

So… I scratched that idea and simply placed my 44-pound kettlebell a few feet from my wall calendar so I nearly trip over it every time I capture a micro “That’s like me!!” WIN.

Then it hit me.

I’ll wear the little Spartan sweatband you get when you do a Spartan Race with the competitive folks. Yep. That’s it. I used to keep it on the corner of my desk as a reminder but I picked it up and put it on.

Obnoxiously obvious = perfect.


I hereby formally introduce you to my own little Leo. You met my Suunto Spartan Ultra watch not too long ago. Well, here’s his pal. He prefers to go by his full name: Leonidas.

Every time I glance down at him I think of the ancient Spartan King and of my commitment to be Spartan (and Athenian! lol) strong as I strive to cultivate my virtue and give the world all I’ve got.

All of which leads us to Today’s +1.

How about YOU?

What are you most committed to in this precious life of yours?

What symbol can you create to capture that commitment?

Note: If you’re feeling particularly iconoclastically feisty: The more obnoxiously obvious (for you and everyone around you) the better. 🤓

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