#728 Meet My Bionic Arm (20 Screws Anyone?)

Antifragile Response-Ability: THIS Is What We Train For!

Not too long ago I introduced you to my Suunto watch. Then I introduced you to my little Spartan Leonidas.

Today I’d like to introduce you to my new bionic arm. 😲

But first, I’d like to tell you a little story.

It starts out like most days—Deep Work, Deep Love, hit the Trail, come back and do the quick Spartan circuit in the backyard, etc.

Only, this time…

Things didn’t quite go as planned. 😳

Long story short, after going up and down our 20-foot rope climb and moving on to our wall traverse, I might’ve slipped (it happens) and then fell as awkwardly (and as hard) as possible (first time for that!) and, well…

Let’s just say that I basically carried my hand into the Emergency Room. Pictures below for the bold if you’d like to see why Emerson took one look, screamed, then ran into his room and shut the door! (Poor guy!!!)

I’ll spare you the details but highlights include:

The ER nurse commenting that I walked into the hospital all calm and cool like David Goggins. (lol)

The surgeon said it looked like I fell from a second story building after he put a couple plates and 20 screws into my arm (eek!)

(Best part? After the surgery they originally told me it was 18 screws and it wasn’t until my 2nd follow up x-ray that we did a recount to discover 20 screws in there vs. 18. +1 +1, baby!!!)

So… Yah. I’m now officially bionic. 🤓

And, we might’ve had fun changing up the programming for our Coach certification program by creating “Module X: This Is What We Train For” in which we discussed the power of Antifragile Response-Ability and talked about the fact that challenges simply give us an opportunity to move from theory to practice to mastery. (Wisdom for the win!!)

As Viktor Frankl says, there’s a gap right there between a stimulus in our lives and our response to that stimulus. (Can you see it?)

In that gap, Frankl says, exists our freedom.

Stephen Covey calls it being proactive—having “response-ability.” It’s THE most important thing we can master—which is why he made it Habit #1 of Highly Successful People.

I like to think of it as antifragile response-ability.

How do we cultivate the ability to respond to any situation in such a manner that we get STRONGER #OMMS style?

THAT, my friends, is what we train for.

Today’s +1.

Face any challenges lately?

Are you allowing your typical knee-jerk reaction to take over unconsciously or are you choosing to step into the gap as you craft your optimal response?

Here’s to stepping into that gap. Again and again and again.

All day every day. With the small stuff so we’re ready for the big stuff.

Remembering: THIS is what we train for!!!!

+1. +1. +1.

(Bionic body parts optional!)

P.S. For the bold, pics below. 😜

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