#69 Making New Commitments

What to Do When You Need to Adjust Course

In our last +1, we talked about doing what you say you will do.


Super important if you want to establish a foundation of credibility and trust.


Sometimes life happens and data presents itself between the time you made a commitment and the time you intended to deliver on it.

In those situations when it no longer makes sense to follow through with our commitments, what do we do?

First, we step back and make sure that when we make a commitment we’re REALLY committed to following through. We don’t want our default to be constantly breaking commitments. We want to discipline ourselves to only say we’re going to do something if we’re really committed to actually doing it.

With that practice of consistently doing what we say we will do in place, we’re in a better position to change things up when the situation calls for it.

In those moments? We get clear on what our new commitment will be and we communicate that change to whoever is involved.



Easier said than done, of course. We’ll talk more about how to go about doing that in our next +1.

For now, Today’s +1: Do you have any commitments you need to follow through on? Any that need to be renegotiated with a new set of commitments?

What’s one little thing you can do today to move toward a deeper level of integrity?

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