#374 Make the Connection

What’s Working? What Needs Work?

In our last +1, we talked about the importance of making the connection between your two ADDs: your addiction to digital devices and your attention deficit disorder.

Today we’re going to focus on the phrase “make the connection.”

If you were a fly on the wall in the Johnson house, you’d hear us using that phrase quite a bit with our five-and-a-half year old, Emerson.

For example, he (like me and you) really doesn’t like to get sick. Thankfully, he’s never had an antibiotic and the worst he’s experienced is a fever or runny nose, etc.

But, and I type this with a smile, he doesn’t like the runny nose. And, I love the fact he doesn’t like it because I love the opportunity to help him make the connection between behaviors he might have engaged in and the resultant runny nose.

We’ve done it so many times that he now rocks it on his own.

“Hmmm… That little cupcake at the coffee shop with Nama might not have been awesome and then I forgot to wash my hands after playing at the park.”

Aha! Yes, that might be it!

(Then we might “needs work” it and talk about what we could have done differently.” 🤓)

btw: All of this little micro coaching might have created (and I’m laughing some more) a little Philosopher-coach who, much like I shared in the flea-sized story, is now able to point out all the times I’m not living the things I need to be living. So good.

Today’s +1.

Have any little hiccups in your life recently? Can you make the connection between your behavior and the outcome?

What’s working? What needs work?

Make the connection.
Make the connection.
Make the connection.

And have fun +1ing your Optimizing!

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