#1489 Lucky #13

The Philosopher’s Favorite Number

In our last couple +1s, we Focused on the fact that some “interruptions” are ACTUALLY the reason for our protocols.

Today I want to get back to the +1 I started writing before I got the opportunities to hit some “Respond to Bid” and “Micro Moments of Awesome” Target swipes with the kids.


As you know if you’ve been following along, I do 1 Sun Salutation, 10 Pull-Ups, 100 Burpees, 1,000 Meters of Rowing, and 10,000 Steps every day.

I’ve missed VERY few days over the last X years since I started doing it and I’ve always repaid any missed days.

It’s hard to put into words just how powerful this simple practice is for me. It’s REALLY (!) hard to have REALLY bad days when I dominate this simple routine.


These days I do 101 burpees every day because I’m obsessed with the number 101. 🤓


I don’t do them all at once.

I do them in sets of 10—remembering Henry Ford’s wisdom that nothing is particularly hard when you break down into small enough pieces.


I don’t do sets of 10, I do sets of 11—remembering Jim Afremow’s wisdom that Champions Do More.


EVERY DAY, I do my first 8 sets of 11 burpees.

And, I batch Target swipe them when they’re done (“That’s like me!” Self-Image forging/celebrating with each swipe!):

11 Burpees 🎯 (“That’s like me!”)
11 Burpees 🎯 (“That’s like me!”)
11 Burpees 🎯 (“That’s like me!”)
11 Burpees 🎯 (“That’s like me!”)
11 Burpees 🎯 (“That’s like me!”)
11 Burpees 🎯 (“That’s like me!”)
11 Burpees 🎯 (“That’s like me!”)
11 Burpees 🎯 (“That’s like me!”)

Of course, at that point, I’m at 88 burpees.


I do my final set of…

THIRTEEN burpees to hit 101.


I LAUGH EVERY TIME I hit the 13th burpee as I think of Michael Jordan’s mental toughness coach, Tim Grover.

Grover wrote a great book called Relentless.

His book has THIRTEEN chapters in which he unpacks what he calls the “Relentless 13” traits of guys like Michael Jordan.

Why 13?

Because he doesn’t believe in “luck” and definitely not “bad” luck.


That’s Today’s +1.


It’s what you make of it.


As Epictetus (and Harry Potter!) tells us, the wise Hero can turn ANYTHING into gold.

Let’s do that.


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