#564 Kamiwaza

Or, How to Be Godlike

In our last +1, we talked about bliss, artifice and me standing on one leg while reading. (Laughing.)

I promised to talk about kamiwaza today and, as Emerson and I chatted about on our drive to Whole Foods the other day, it’s important to honor our commitments and do what we say we’ll do. So, let’s.

Here’s how Seth Godin puts it in The Icarus Deception:

“The Japanese term kamiwaza, like most great words for which we have no equivalent, is difficult to translate. The shortest version is ‘godlike.’”

“Godlike”? Wow.

He follows that up with the line that led me to the dictionary: “When we strip away self-doubt and artifice, when we embrace initiative and art, we are left with kamiwaza. The purity of doing it properly but without self-consciousness. The runner who competes with kamiwaza is running with purity, running properly, running as the gods would run.”

Want to be godlike? (Bonus: While experiencing bliss?)

Strip away all self-doubt and artifice. Give us your best without self-consciousness.

Yep. That’s the kamiwaza ticket.

Today’s +1.

How will YOU be godlike today?

Get on that.

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