#1571 Areté +1° #253: IQ vs. Willpower

One Is A Much Better Predictor Than The Other

Hi, this is Brian.

Welcome back to another Areté +1°. This is the first micro-chapter in the fifth Objective in our new book, Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential.

We've had Objective I: Know the Ultimate Game.

Objective II: Forge Antifragile Confidence.

Objective III: Optimize Your Big 3.

Objective IV: Make Today a Masterpiece.

Then we get into the art and science of behavioral change with Objective V: Master Yourself.

So the first micro-chapter in that Objective is this…


Here’s a fun fact…

Did you know that willpower outpredicts IQ for academic performance by a FACTOR OF TWO?

In other words, if you know both a kid’s IQ and their willpower, knowing their willpower score will make you twice as effective at predicting how well they’re doing in school than knowing their IQ.

Think about that for a second. (Isn’t that astonishing?)

Willpower (a.k.a. self-discipline/self-mastery/etc.) is also the best predictor of pretty much everything else we want in life: great relationships, health, wealth, etc.


Most importantly: self-mastery is teachable.

Which kinda begs a couple of questions.

First: How much time are your kids spending in Self-Mastery class at school?

And: How much time are YOU spending developing YOUR self-mastery?

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