#719 Instant Coward Recipe

Lombardi Says: Just Add Fatigue

In Conquering Fear 101, we talked about how important it is to honor our fundamentals if we want to conquer our fear.

Although the quality of our nutrition, exercise and sleep may not seem to be intimately related to the quality of our courage, IT IS!!

And… As committed Heroes, we’d be wise to make the connection.

In that class, I encouraged us to figure out our #1 “I need to do THIS [fill-in-the-blank-thing] to feel great” fundamental habit. And, I pointed out for the umpteenth time that my #1 Self-Care Habit is getting a good night of sleep.

Then I shared the fact (for the umpteenth time!) that I simply can’t see the world the same way when I’m tired. It’s like my Optimism Light flickers and the world goes from being shiny-awesome to not-so-shiny-not-so-awesome. 😲

Then I pointed out the fact that legendary tough guy Vince Lombardi said the same thing. He told us: “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.”

Why would he say that?

Hint: BECAUSE IT’S TRUE. (lol)

Which is why I think (echo!) that THE most important (and most underrated) thing we can do to boost our courage (and overall life force, enthusiasm for life, etc.) is to get a good night of sleep.

Fact is, when we don’t get adequate rest, we just don’t see the world accurately. (Read: With joy and hope and radiant enthusiasm!!)

Tomorrow we’re going to connect that to my heart rate monitor going wacky.

Today, we’re going to +1 our PM Bookends to get a better night of sleep to give ourselves the best shot at being the most heroic versions of ourselves.

Quick check in.

What time do you want to get up tomorrow? (Without an alarm for the bold?)

How many hours of sleep would you like to get?

What time do you need to be in bed to make that happen?

OK. Set an alarm for an hour before that time. Then shut EVERYTHING down, give your brain (and nervous system) time to cool down. Then go through your night-time routine, lay out your hero cape all nice and neat for tomorrow morning and tuck yourself in at the prescribed time… And voila!

Of course, all of that is obviously super simple stuff.

As they say: It’s simple but not EASY to do.

But, let’s do it!!! 🤠


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