#1139 In Case of Extreme Challenges

Break Glass!

We’ve spent the last week or so exploring courage.

As it turns out, as I was reading that book on the science of courage, Emerson and I got to hang out with some of the most courageous humans on the planet: Navy SEALs.

Super-quick (Top Secret) context. 🤓

Apparently a couple of guys who help run the SEAL training are fans of our work. Mark Divine connected us. They invited me down to talk to a small mental performance working group. Of course, I said I’d be honored to come down.


I said that my only (zero pressure) request would be a chance for Emerson to see the SEAL facilities—as SEALs are his heroes. And, well, we were blessed to get a tour. It was truly a lifetime memory. HOOYAH!!

(Emerson brought down gifts for Captain Bob and Mags (who are two of the coolest, most humble heroes out there): Custom-built LEGO version of the SEALs Mark V Special Operations Craft.)

But that’s not quite the point of Today’s +1.

Today I want to talk about one of the things on that base.

We didn’t actually get a chance to see it but in his great book Staring Down the Wolf, former SEAL Commander Mark Divine tells us about it.

You know those fire alarms that say: “IN CASE OF FIRE, BREAK GLASS!”

Well, imagine one of those with a frogman inside it. (SEALs are known as frogmen.)

You know what the SEALs have around that frogman in the glass?



In case of WAR, the SEALs say, “Break the glass. We’re here to serve and protect. Just like the heroes we train to be.

I say we need to have the Optimus-best version of ourselves hanging out inside some glass.


Life super-challenging?

Our families and communities need to know: BREAK the glass.

We’re here to serve.


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