#1798 In a Maze?

Begin with the End in Mind!

The other morning Eleanor and I were having fun playing a hidden puzzle game in the new Highlights magazine she got from Grandma & Grandpa for her (seventh!) birthday.

We’ve found hundreds and hundreds of those little hidden images together. It’s always super fun.

This time we flipped the page and did one of those mazes where you need to start at one spot and get through the maze to the finish.


I know how you’re supposed to play the game—which is, kinda sorta wander through the maze from the beginning and hope you don’t get lost on your way to the end.


I can’t help but channel my inner Stephen Covey when I see one of these mazes.

As you may recall, Habit #1 of highly effective people is to be proactive. We want to, as Jocko Willink would advise us, take EXTREME OWNERSHIP—100% responsibility. No excuses. Period.


Once we take 100% responsibility for our lives and quit being a victim, blaming others for what we don’t have, it’s time to decide what we want.


Habit #2 of highly effective people: Begin with the End in Mind.

We need to know what we want then START from that point and work back to where we are right now to figure out how we get to that desired end state.


THAT’S how I like to play the maze game—starting at the END then working my way back to the beginning. It’s remarkably easier than that kinda sorta wandering through the maze.


That’s what I was chatting about with Eleanor as we played that morning.


That’s Today’s +1.

Find yourself stuck in a bit of a maze in your life and feeling a bit lost?

Step back.

Try to see the final destination you’d like to arrive at. Know you can get there. Map out your pathway.

Then have fun navigating the inevitable wrong turns as you find your way out!

Bonus points for doing it all with a friend and a smile.


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