#1048 “I Found Something!”

The "I Love You” Game

As we’ve discussed many times, one of my absolute favorite things to do in life is curl up in bed next to Emerson and read together. It’s an essential part of our PM Bookend and one we miss only on rare occasions.

As we’ve also discussed before, one of our all-time favorite series is called The Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne. It features a brother and sister named Jack and Annie who demonstrate wisdom and courage and love on adventures to different times and places in history. (I highly recommend the whole series.)


On one of their adventures (called Good Morning, Gorillas), our beloved Jack and Annie get swept away to the mountains of Africa where they spend some time with gorillas. The most memorable part of this adventure for us was when they taught the gorillas how to sign “I love you.”


Which leads us to a little game Emerson and I like to play and to the point of Today’s +1.


I’ll be cruising around the house when, all of a sudden, I’ll stop!

And say…

Me: “Buddy! I found something for you.”
Emerson: Looking at me in anticipation.

Me: Reaching into my pocket to pull THIS out:


Emerson: Smiling with that deep joy that shows he knows he’s loved. Then laughing. Then reaching behind himself and saying, “Oh!!! I found THIS!!!”


Me: Laughing. “That’s funny because these were EVERYWHERE this morning when I was working. Did you leave them there?!”

🤟 🤟 🤟 🤟 🤟

Emerson: Another big soul smile.

And the game continues many, many (!) times every single day.

Somehow, it never loses its charm.

That’s Today’s +1.

Two parts.

1. I found something for YOU!!!! Gimme a second. Where’d it go… Hmmmm… Oh! Here it is!!!

2. I wonder. Got any kids who might enjoy the “I love you” game?

From the Johnson house to yours, we love you.

+🤟 +🤟 +🤟

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