#284 How’s Your Genius?

High Fives From Me to You Guys

Did you know that in ancient Roman times everyone had their own genius?

Yah. If you ever did something awesome it was because of your genius. It was kinda like an invisible mini-me that showed up and rocked it for you.

Note: There weren’t a few people who were “geniuses.” EVERYONE had a genius.

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about this in her super-popular TED Talk. She says that she can’t take credit for her best work. It’s her genius expressing itself through her.

Her job? Her job is to create the conditions that make it more likely for her genius to show up and rock it.

Stephen King and Steven Pressfield say pretty much the same thing. Pressfield tells us that we need to fight Resistance, Win the War of Art, Do the Work and Turn Pro — creating the rituals and rhythms that make it more likely for our muse or genius to show up.

Then we have Stephen King. In On Writing, he tells us about his genius. He calls it his “muse-guy.” His muse-guy isn’t pretty. He’s more like a troll who lives in the basement smoking cigars and polishing his bowling trophies. But, that muse-guy has the magic dust so King makes sure he takes care of him. How? By showing up and doing the work.


Two questions for you:

1. How’s your Genius? Aka: What are you awesome at? What can you do relatively easily that most people can’t do at all? Think about your life’s highlight reel and thank your genius for showing up.

2. Are you making it easy for your Genius to consistently show up? When do you guys tend to rock it together? What are you doing? How are you eating, moving, sleeping, focusing, creating? And, most importantly: How can you do that a little more today?

High fives to you and your Genius!