#598 How to Use Our Optimizing Tools

Hint: Practice THE MOMENT You Need It

A little while back, we talked about the keynote talk I was getting ready to present (as part of the Pritzker Group Venture Capital’s annual event for the 60+ portfolio CEOs). Today I’d like to give a quick update on how it went and then talk about how I dealt with my nerves leading up to it—with an emphasis on a little distinction I made about how to apply the “Bring it on!” and “I’m excited!” tools.

First, good news: It was awesome. (Hah and yay!)

Highlights included one of the icons of venture capital and entrepreneurship coming up immediately afterward to tell me that my talk was “Life-changing!!” (← Yayuh!)

Now, on the practical side of things…

As we’ve discussed, I’m a hermit and I don’t get out much. (Hah.)

Although I didn’t used to like being in front of a camera (at all), over the years I’ve become pretty comfortable in our studio filming for our (thousands of) students. (You do anything hundreds and hundreds of times and your fear seems to magically evaporate. 🤓)

But, being in a room full of sixty real-life (!) human beings (laughing) who had no idea who I was created a little more anxiety for me—which gave me a great opportunity to use my “Bring it on!” and “I’m excited!” tools.

Which leads to an important little distinction I want to talk about today.

As we’ve also discussed, I used to be afraid of pretty much everything. So, when I discovered the “Bring it on!” and “I’m excited!” tools I put them to good use. (Oh, how I wish I discovered those tools decades ago rather than just a few years ago!)

But, I picked up a subtle little distinction in the lead-up to my talk.

Phil is constantly telling me that I (and we) need to use our tools THE MOMENT we feel ourselves disconnecting from our highest selves. The MOMENT we experience what he calls “a glitch” we want to bust out the appropriate tool and, as he says, “turn it around.”

I got this concept intellectually and I thought I was pretty good at it practically, but, for whatever reason, the whole “Use your tools THE MOMENT (!) you feel a little wobbly” part of the wisdom came into clearer focus during the lead-up to my talk.

For example, if a little voice popped into my head telling me that the talk wasn’t going to go well, blah blah blah blah blah, THE MOMENT I heard it start babbling I had fun stepping back in my mind, smiling and saying, “BRING IT ON, baby!!” and/or “I’m excited!!”

Every single time. Right when I noticed it.

I didn’t let the silly-talk go on for any longer than a second or two.

Chirpy internal dialogue?

“Bring it on!!”
“I’m excited!!”
“Bring it on!!”
“I’m excited!”

And, it worked. I WAS excited. (Plus, I enjoyed the lead-up to the talk a LOT more with a LOT less wasted energy.)

And, that’s Today’s +1.

Super simple distinction.

The next time you feel fear or doubt or anxiety or in any way disconnected from your best self: Notice it. Use your preferred tool THE MOMENT you experience the glitch.


And enjoy life a lot more. 🤠

+1. +1. +1.

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