#137 How to Turn Life-Lemons into Optimizade

Instant Recipe with One Ingredient-Question

A lot of people ask me to share more examples of how I personally apply these +1s to my life.

Here’s a fun one.

So, these days my mornings are pretty simple. Go to bed super early. Get up super early. Meditate, few minutes of movement, Deep Work, hit the Trail Work(out) around sunrise. Then I often like to do a little work capturing ideas from my time on the trail before I head home.

(Quick note: I NEVER have my phone or any tech with me on the trail—no music, podcasts, etc. Just me and nature and my thoughts. We’ll save the benefits of tech-free time in nature for another +1. 😃)


The other day I do all that.

I’m at the base of the trail post workout. I move our little Prius to a shadier spot then get to work. An hour later (hah!) I attempt to drive away only to find that I, somehow, killed the battery. Oops. Was it stepping on the brakes while the car was off or did I leave the door open or…

No idea but now I need a jump start.


I got a few lemons delivered. Very small ones, of course, but what will I do with them?

Only one option if I’m going to be even remotely in integrity with all we talk about here and all I aspire to embody: Make some lemonade.

I use my magical smartphone to search for and call the tow company feeling gratitude that I even have a car and that someone created a company that helps people like me early on Sunday mornings. And I ask myself for the millionth time: How is it even possible that this piece of plastic can do all that for me? Amazing.

They’ll be there in twenty minutes. Awesome. Time for some journalistic Deep Work. I bang out the v1 draft for a +1. Fun.

My guy arrives. I notice the almost-hole on the front of his work boots and decide he’s getting a sweet tip. We have a nice little micro-moment of positivity resonance. Super cool guy. He’s stoked on the tip. Yayuh!! I take the moment to appreciate all of our members who support our work so I can support other people doing their work.

Then, I’m ready to head home with a funny story for Alexandra and a heart full of gratitude.

Super mundane example. But life gives us these opportunities all day every day.

+1 or -1.
+1 or -1.
+1 or -1.

Let’s do the destiny math and have fun stepping forward into the next best version of ourselves with each opportunity.

Today’s +1: Any lemons in your life waiting for a little alchemy into Optimize-aid?

Let’s do this!!

Moment to moment to moment.

Especially in what could be annoying moments. 😃

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