#792 How to Throw Away Your Alarm Clock

Super Complicated: Go to Bed Earlier (๐Ÿค“)

In our last +1, we talked about snoozing your alarm clockโ€™s snooze button so you donโ€™t suffer sleep inertia for the first four hours of your dayโ€”effectively destroying your ability to operate at a truly peak performance level.

I mentioned the fact that your morning begins the night before. And the idea that what we should really be going for is getting up (early and well-rested) WITHOUT an alarm clock.

Weโ€™ve talked about this many times in our +1 series. (See our +1s on Digital Sunsets, Shutdown Complete and Alarms: Work-Down vs. Wake-Up!)

And, we talk about it EVEN MORE in the Mastery phase of our Heroic Coach program. In fact, we spent SIX weeks systematically architecting our Masterpiece Days in a Module called โ€œCarpe Diem.โ€


Yes, there are plenty of details we could explore. And, yes, it will take time to iterate ourselves to awesome. But if we dare to dream the impossible dream of getting up without an alarm clock feeling super-energized and ready to dominate the day, itโ€™s really not that complicated, eh? 😲

We need to shift our PM routines and decide that actualizing our potential is more important than blowing our brains up with stimulation late in the night. (Hah.)

Thatโ€™s Todayโ€™s +1.

If you feel so inspired to Optimize your AM and PM bookends (โ† see how they go together!!), whatโ€™s one thing you KNOW (!!!) you could/should be doing?

You know the drillโ€ฆ

At the choice point tonight/tomorrow when you need to step into integrity with that ideal, run the launch countdown and crush it:

5โ€ฆ 4โ€ฆ 3โ€ฆ 2โ€ฆ 1โ€ฆ โ€“ GO!!!


👩โ€🚀 👨โ€🚀

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