#3 How to High Five Your Inner Daimon

My Philosophy in One Word

To the extent that there’s a gap between who you’re capable of being in any given moment and who are actually being in that moment, you will experience a level of discontent. Regret. Anxiety. Depression.

As per our last +1, a bad-daimon.

aka: Unhappiness.

The trick to closing the gap between who you’re capable of being and who you’re actually being so you can enjoy the mental and emotional well-being of eudaimonia?

The Greeks had a word for that, too. And, if I had to summarize my entire philosophy in one word, it would be that word: areté.

The word areté directly translates as “virtue” or “excellence,” but it has a deeper meaning—something closer to “expressing the highest version of yourself moment to moment to moment.”

When we do that, there’s simply no room for the regret or anxiety or disillusionment.

When you’re at a choice point today, think areté.

High five your inner daimon and experience the joy of flourishing.