#1316 How to Flip the Switch and GO!


We’ve been having some fun exploring Brian Cain’s wisdom on mental performance mastery.

As you know if you’ve been following along, we started by checking in to see if you’ve been punched in the face lately (😲), then we broke some arrows with our neck to dominate the Ability + Strategy + GOYA = Results equation, then we did some 1% math (remember: 1% is 14 minutes and 24 seconds of your day and, if you get 1% better every day, you’ll be 998,822,690,009,590 times better in a decade! 😲) then we questioned why we’d want to be average, then we raised the basement, and, most recently, we focused our telescopes AND our microscopes on our top goals so we can dominate the day AND the decade.

Schew. We’ve been busy!

+1% +1% +1% for the win! 🤓

Today I want to wrap up the tour through Brian’s brain with one more Big Idea from 10 Pillars.

This one’s on how to flip the switch and go from red lights to green lights.

Here’s Brian and the characters from his little fable to bring the wisdom home…

“I felt as if I understood the difference between a red-light and green-light state. I wanted to learn how to get into a green-light state and stay there.

‘You recognize that if you are in a red-light state or a yellow-light state, you must have a release routine to get you back to green and back in control of yourself. That release routine follows a three-step process,’ Coach Kenny said. ‘You need to have (#1) a physical action that you make with an association that serves as a trigger for releasing the past and moving on to the next play or the next part of your day. You then (#2) take a deep releasing breath that you take while looking at a fixed point we call a focal point to oxygenate your brain and get back in control of yourself. And then you (#3) have a verbal trigger you say that cuts off the past and cements your commitment to the present.’

Coach Kenny then stood up, clapped his hands, took a deep breath, wiped his chest down with his hands as if he were wiping dirt off himself and said, “GOOD. What’s important now?’”

That’s from a chapter on Pillar #4: Self-Control and Discipline.

It’s kinda like our “Flip the Switch” protocol in our Mastery Series.

Here’s the quick take…

Feeling disconnected from your best self?


Awareness is *always* the first, most important step.

Now, flip the switch and go from red lights to green lights as you invite the best, most Heroic version of yourself back to the party.

Here’s one way to approach it:

#1. Stand up strong. Chest up, chin down. Smile.

#2. Take a deep breath. In through the nose. Down into your belly. Back out through your nose. Exhale slightly longer than your inhale. Ahhhh…

#3. Say to yourself: “Close the Gap. Arete = Heroic.” (Or... “What do I want? What’s important now? LET’S GO!” Or... “Calm Confidence. I’ve got this!” Or… Whatever fires YOU up!)

Today’s +1?

The VERY NEXT TIME you feel a little wobbly today, how about you flip the switch and go from red to green lights and have fun seeing just how fast you can do it?

#1. Stand up strong—chest up, chin down. Smile.

#2. Take a deep breath.

#3. Say to yourself: “Arete = Heroic. What’s important now? LET’S GO!”

Red lights?



+🚦 +🚦 +🚦

P.S. Want to see some of Brian’s elite athletes putting this wisdom in PRACTICE to create moments of peak performance? Awesome. Check out these clips!!

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