#1253 How to Create Time

And Put It to Work for Us

A few +1s ago, I invited you to join me and play The 100,000 Game.

As in: 100,000 steps per week.

Which, as we discussed, comes out to an average of 14,285.7 steps per day.

(👈 Don’t forget that .7, folks!! 🤓)


You might see that number and think I’m a freak. And, of course, you’re right. I hope we’ve established THAT fact by now. (lol) (Seriously.)

(btw: We need to do some +1s on a fun book called The Freak Factor… Soon!)


You may think I’m crazy to do that many steps or you may just not want to do it. Both of which are perfect.


If you think you simply don’t have the TIME to do it then… well, I’d like to chat about that.

It’s funny because *I* found the time to walk so much when I stopped consuming so much digital news. I LITERALLY basically traded the time I used to spend consuming digital news with time walking.

Remember How to +3 It? When -1 +1 = +3?

That’s precisely what happened with my steps.

IF I feel tempted to go online to take a break
THEN I either go on a walk or meditate.


Found time.

+3 for the win!!

That’s Today’s +1.

Let’s realize that, if we’re REALLY honest, we’re wasting a LOT of time.

To bring the point home: Do you know how much 15 minutes a day adds up to?

In that time, you can walk an extra mile a day. That’s 2,000 more steps a day. 14,000 steps a week. 730,000 more steps a year. (732,000 in a leap year, folks! 🤓)

Don’t want to walk? Fine. Know that 15 minutes per day is 105 bonus minutes per week. 450 more minutes per month (that’s 7.5 extra hours!). And… 15 minutes per day is 5,475 minutes per year.

Note: That’s 91 (NINETY-ONE!!) HOURS A YEAR.

(900 (!) hours in a decade…)

👆 That’s nuts! Little things aren’t so little folks.


How are YOU wasting time?

What can YOU do with all that lost time?

Let’s put it to work for us.


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