#1280 How to Be a Success

Wisdom from Two World-Class Coaches Named Phil

In our last +1, we drew some Venn circles with my Yoda and had fun high fiving God by giving ALL we’ve got.

Today I want to chat about what we talked about at the VERY end of our time together on August 10th, 2020.

After recapping the importance of showing up moment to moment to moment to keep my Soul Force powered by Divine Energy, Phil said—almost in a mantra-kinda way:


It was one of those goosebumpy kinda moments.

I wrote it down in huge letters on the third page of that day’s notes and then said, “YES!!”

Then I said, “It’s funny because tomorrow morning I’m hitting the studio to film the very last session for our Mastery Series for our Coach program. It’s Module VII but we also call it Module Infinity (as in: Repeat this forever!). It’s called Optimus You: Practicing Your Philosophy. The whole point of that class? We need to APPLY THIS WISDOM to our lives TODAY!!”

So, I told him, “I’m DEFINITELY going to share our chat as I make the point.”

Then, he said, “I love you son. I’m proud of you.”
To which I replied, “I love you father. I appreciate you.”

(As we’ve discussed, Phil is my spiritual Godfather. I’m his spiritual son. We end nearly every one of our chats with that. Enter: Pure joy.)

As I reflected on his mantra, “APPLY THIS!!” I felt an even deeper commitment to making him proud and serving you and my family as profoundly as I can.

That was 5:50 PM Central Time.

I had 10 minutes to go before I transitioned to Deep Love time and gave Alexandra some time for herself while I enjoyed my PM session of 1-on-2 time with the kids.

Now, I don’t do non-essential technology inputs these days as I’ve -1 to +1-ed it for the +3 win (which is one of the reasons I’m crushing it). So, I hopped on our PEMF machine and plugged in the NanoVi thing to recover while meditating.

At 6:00, I headed out of the office. The house was quiet. (Which, if you have kids, you know is VERY unusual. lol)

Hmmm… 🤔

The car wasn’t there. Alexandra must have taken the kids out.


I might have dashed back to the office, hopped back on the PEMF/re-plugged in the NanoVi and had a little dessert watching some more of Netflix’s great documentary on Michael Jordan and his Bulls called The Last Dance. (Highly recommend it.)


At this point, I’m on Episode V. The Bulls have just won their first championship. They’re going for their second.

I wait for the show to load. It takes a second or three as I’m on satellite internet here in the country—which always gives me a moment to reflect on the fact that this whole thing we call the internet (and everything else in modern life) is an absolute miracle.

Internal dialogue: “Thank you, God, for blessing me with the gift of so many awesome things.”


It loads.

I’m TEN SECONDS in. Phil Jackson, one of the greatest Coaches in history (who won 6 titles with the Bulls then another 5 with the Lakers), comes on.

You know what he says?

He says, and I quote: “You’re only a success in the MOMENT you perform a successful act. You have to do it again.”

I was like, 😲.

Did he just say what I think he said? I hit the little rewind 10 seconds thing to watch it again.


“You’re only a success in the MOMENT you perform a successful act. You have to do it again.”

I rewind it again and go get my pad of paper to write that down because I KNEW I’d be kicking off my final Mastery Series session with wisdom from two world-class Coaches named Phil.

Note: Phil Jackson has his 11 championships. Phil Stutz and his clients (who tend to be Hollywood actors and writers and directors and executives) have WAY more than 11 Oscars.

So, when two Coaches named Phil say the same thing back-to-back like that, I take it as a Divine wink from the Universe. 😇

And, well, that’s Today’s +1.

One more time: “You’re only a success in the MOMENT you perform a successful act. You have to do it again.”

All the stuff we chat about that REALLY resonates?



As always…


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