#1232 How to +3 It

When -1 → +1 = +3

This morning I was preparing for the third session in our Algorithms Module in our Mastery Series for our Coach program.

In the first session, we take a Big Picture view and help our Coaches see the fact that Self-Mastery is all about “Using Our Willpower Wisely to Install Habits That Run on Autopilot via Algorithms.”

In the second session we help them INSTALL their #1 most life-changing habit WHILE becoming a World-Class AI Programmer. (Note: In this context, AI = Ancient Intelligence.)

In the third session we help our Coaches DELETE their #1 most Soul-Force depleting kryptonite habit while continuing to master the process of creating (and deleting) habits en route to becoming World-Class AI Programmers.


After walking through the Who + What + Why + How of Behavior Design, one of the ideas we discuss in that session is “How to +3 It” (aka: When -1 → +1 = +3).

That’s what we’re going to talk about Today.

If you feel so inspired, think about one of your current behaviors that you know isn’t serving you.

For me, that’s online news—which has found a way to creep back in to my life post-COVID-19 and all the other craziness in our world. It’s becoming an Enervator. (Darn, pickles!)

What’s one of YOUR behaviors that would qualify as an Enervator?


Imagine a few positive behaviors you COULD do instead of that Enervator.

For me, that would include meditating on our new PEMF machine, taking a walk around our property, etc. Those are Energizers.

What’re a few of behaviors that would qualify as Energizers for you?


Now for the fun.

Let’s swap those guys out with a new algorithm.

If I feel called to engage in the Enervator, then I will do the Energizer.

(And, the antifragile version: The more called I feel to engage in the Enervator, the more committed I will be to doing the Energizer!)

Then let’s map that out on our handy-dandy -1 → +1 Destiny Math line.

<--------------------------------- | --------------------------------->
-1 +1
Enervator Energizer

Note: When we shift from the -1 Enervator to the +1 Energizer, it’s not a +1 gain. You get your first +1 by going from -1 to 0. Then you get another +1 by going from 0 to +1. So, at the minimum, we’re at +2.

Then, I say, we get (AT LEAST) another +1 for being the type of person who can alchemize that negative into a positive.

Technically, I’d say that’s the REAL source of power. Yes, you get the immediate physiological boost by Energizing that Enervator, but the REAL power is building your trust in yourself to be the type of person who can do what needs to get done whether we feel like it or not, etc.


+1 +1 +1 = +3.

Today’s +1.

How can YOU do some magic -1 → +1 = +3 math?

Enervator = _______________ → Energizer = _________________ = BOOM!

Let’s rock it.


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