#1512 Hitting Your #1 WIN

All Day, Every Day

In our last couple +1s, we’ve been chatting about some Big Ideas from Kevin Kruse’s 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management.

In our next +1, we’re going to chat about the 80/20 principle and some wisdom on Secret #10!



I want to briefly chat about one of my favorite Heroes with whom I’ve connected a couple times in our 1:01 coaching sessions that’s part of our Heroic Coach program.

His name is Christian.

He’s awesome.

I think he’s lost something like 30 pounds since joining our program and going ALL IN on moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery.

His Soul Force is palpable. (Nice work, brother!! 🙌 )

We’ve had GREAT chats about how to raise his three-year-old daughter with his partner (Hi, Bria! 👋 ) and the other day we connected about some ideas from this book.

He told me that he had already listened to the Notes on The 15 Secrets FIVE times (😲 🤯 !) and we had a GREAT chat about how to think about the “#1 WIN” for the day.

We also chatted about the fact that, as per our Soul Force equation, ultimately, we want to WIN all day, every day!

You can watch our first interaction (about parenting) here and you can watch our second interaction about WINs here.

And, you can get instant access to HUNDREDS of micro-coaching moments like that by joining our Heroic Coach program. Learn more about THAT here: Heroic.us/coach


The quick re-cap.

Our Soul Force Equation is simple.

As I like to say, I kinda think of it as our Heroic take on Ekhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. 🤓

We want to get our ENERGY up to Heroic levels. Then we want to FOCUS that Energy as powerfully as we can on What’s Important Now (or WIN). Then, of course, we want to do that CONSISTENTLY—remembering that Consistency is our exponentializer!

Energy x Focus x WIN! ~ CONSISTENTLY = Soul Force ACTIVATED!

Today’s +1 is simple.

What’s the #1 thing you know you could do to take your Energy to the next level?

(Got it? Go get it!)

What’s the #1 thing you know you could do to take your Focus to the next level?

(Got it? Go get it!)

What’s the most important thing for you to do RIGHT NOW?

(Got it? Go get it!)


As you go through your day Today, remember to stay flexible and check in on WHAT’S IMPORTANT NOW as we move from Theory to Practice to Mastery and WIN all day, every day.



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