#1160 High-Hanging Fruit

Your Fuel for 10x Thinking

In our last +1, we spent some time with Tim Ferriss, setting some unusually large goals and thinking about the fact that those jumbo goals can often be, paradoxically, easier to reach than the “realistic” goals that everyone else is going after.

Of course, as we dream big, we’d be wise to rub that audacious goal up against reality WOOP style.


FIRST (!!!) we need to start with the wave-the-wand Wish of what you’d REALLY like to create.

Too many people start with the “Obstacles” and, as a result, never give themselves the permission to really dream about what they’d like.


Today I want to chat about another way to think about this idea.

Let’s dig up our PhilosophersNote on Smartcuts by Shane Snow. Turn to page six, please. Final Big Idea of that Note.

Here’s how Shane puts it: “The ‘high hanging fruit’ approach, the big swing, is more technically challenging than going after low-hanging fruit, but the diminished number of competitors in the upper branches (not to mention the necessary expertise of those that make it that high) provides fuel for 10x Thinking, and brings out our potential. …

Big causes attract big believers, big investors, big capital, big-name advisors, and big talent. They force us to rethink convention and hack the ladder of success. To engage with masters and to leverage waves and platforms and superconnectors. To swing and to simplify, to quickly turn failure into feedback. To become not just bigger, but truly better.

And they remind us, once again, that together we can achieve the implausible.

Shane shares that wisdom on 10X Thinking in a chapter featuring Elon Musk and his commitment to colonize Mars. (!)

Note: Every time I think about Musk’s commitment to COLONIZING MARS I laugh. ← THAT is some epic thinking.


What’s your big goal?

What’s a 10X version of it?

Remember that, although technically more difficult, 10X goals are often, paradoxically, easier to accomplish than 10% goals. Once you stretch yourself to 10X thinking you might just—like Elon Musk’s rockets—leave the gravitational pull of more pedestrian ideas and enter rarefied air with fewer “competitors” and more opportunities to attract big support.

That’s Today’s +1.

What’s YOUR high-hanging fruit?


What’s your next domino?


What can you do TODAY to make some progress?

Get on that. Give us all you got.


(Pretty please.)

(P.S. Don’t forget the fundies. You’re going to need all the Energy and antifragile confidence and emotional stamina you can get as you go for it.)

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