#739 Grateful (Love) Flow

Yoda’s Laws of Action: Part 4

In our last few +1s we talked about a few Tools Phil Stutz encouraged me to consider employing as I prepared to launch our inaugural Heroic Coach program.

Pre-wins. Stringing pearls. “Bring it on!” on a punching bag.

I used each of those that night and the next morning to alchemize my energy. They’re super powerful.

But you know which Tool actually gave me the most power?

Grateful Flow.

In fact, this Tool actually brought me to tears.

Basic idea?

When you find yourself all up in your stuff and the fear gremlins are barking before you do something that’s really important to you, step back for a moment and simply reflect on the fact that you’re incredibly fortunate to even be there—to even have the opportunity to do whatever might be freaking you out.

For me, the moment I took the attention off of ME and how *I* would perform and thought about how incredibly blessed I was/am to have the opportunity to work with so many committed people around the world, I literally nearly wept.

My heart was open.

My self-consciousness was gone. (Which, science says, is a good thing.)

And, remember.

The word courage comes from the Latin word for heart. It’s the virtue that vitalizes all the other virtues.

And remember2.

The word hero comes from the ancient Greek word that means “protector.” A hero has strength for two. Their secret weapon? LOVE.

That’s Grateful Love Flow.

And that’s Today’s +1.

Let’s step back for a moment and FEEL just how blessed we are to be alive.

And go take that full heart with us as we courageously (and heroically!!) give life all we’ve got!

💓 💓 💓

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