#998 Going thru the Motions

vs. Going for Mastery

In our last +1, we chatted about eudaimonology—the study of a good soul.

Recall that the ancient Greek philosophers thought that a sense of flourishing and fully expressing the best within ourselves was the summum bonum of life—the highest good.

They called this eudaimonia.

And, they told us that the way to achieve this deep sense of joy was simple: live with areté (aka, virtue or excellence).

High five your inner soul. Moment to moment to moment.

Which is why we kick off our Mastery series/Heroic Coach program with Module I: Eudaimonology in which we establish the fact that we need to OPERATIONALIZE VIRTUE such that we can more and more consistently close the gap between who we’re capable of being and who we’re actually being as we go out and (joyfully!) (heroically!) give the world all we’ve got.

Today I want to talk about one of the distinctions we make in our Mastery/Coach program.

Imagine walking into a dojo.

It’s your first day. You’re a white belt.


You can walk into that dojo as a white belt and be totally comfortable being a white belt forever. You‘re just happy to be there in the dojo in the company of other people practicing this martial art.

Which, of course, is totally awesome.


That’s VERY different than if you walk into that same dojo wearing the same white belt with the intention of, one day, with enough hard work, becoming a BLACK BELT.

You could say that the first version of you is just kinda sorta “Going Through the Motions” whereas the second version of you is “Going for Mastery.”

There’s almost certainly a HUGE difference in the level of intensity and focus that the “I’m going to be a black belt!” Mastery version of you approaches each training session vis-a-vis the “I’m comfie being a white belt!” version of you approaches the same training sessions.

Note: This difference will show up not only in the intensity of each training session but in the frequency (per week/month/year) and the gritty longevity of the practice (weeks vs. months vs. years vs. decades!).

And, well, that’s exactly how we frame it for our Mastery students and aspiring Coaches.

BOTH approaches are, again, of course, FINE.

But they’re different.


We need to decide how we’re going to show up in our lives that are our metaphorical dojos.


If you like the idea of challenging yourself to express the best version of yourself more and more consistently, we think you might like our Heroic Mastery program.

If you REALLY want to see what you’ve got while being held to very high (black belt!) standards while helping others give all they’ve got, we think you might like our Heroic Coach certification program.

You can learn more about both here.

Here’s to making 2020 the greatest year of our lives and the start of the greatest decade of our lives as we change the world. One person at a time. Together. Starting with you and me.

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