#896 Glymph for the Win

Crazy Stats from My Oura Ring

In our last +1, we got our brain-washing glymph on. 🧠

Specifically, we started paying more attention to our glymphatic system by eating our last meal earlier. How much earlier? Well, the research says: At least FOUR (!!) hours before bedtime if we want to give our brains the best chance at getting the ol’ glymph a chance to do a deep clean.


As we discussed, I thought that was absurd when I first read it.

And, well, I STILL think it’s a bit absurd.


It’s REALLY hard to ignore the data that’s been rolling in via my Oura ring since I started my little experiment.

Note: It’s still early on in the testing process. Sample size = 1. Oura ring data isn’t perfect. Etc. Etc. Etc.


The early data is nuts.

Get this…

Since I started eating my last meal at least (!) four hours before bedtime (which, for me, has meant eating by around 3:00 pm), my resting heart rate (while sleeping) has gone down nearly 10% (which is a good thing) from an average of 45 to an average of 41 and my heart rate variability (a measure of health/recovery) has gone up over 30% (which is a good thing) from an average of ~50 to an average of ~70.

That’s kinda CRAZY (awesome).

And the ONLY thing I changed to see those quick results was the timing of my last meal.

At the same time, the amount of deep sleep Oura tells me I’m getting has also been a solid 1.5 to 2+ hours. (Before it wasn’t quite so consistently so long.)

All that to say…

Early last meal to brain wash cycle for the win!

And, well, that’s Today’s +1.

Do you use any wearable gadget thingies to track your sleep?

If you do, consider running a little N = 1 experiment and see what eating earlier (at least four hours before bedtime!) does for YOUR heart rate and heart rate variability (plus Deep Sleep, etc.).

If you don’t, consider investing in a little wearable tech (I love my Oura ring) and/or checking in with some qualitative analysis.

Here’s to the little things that can lead to big things.

-1. -1. -1. -1.

for the +1 win!

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