#387 Genes vs. Habits Part III

Making the Connection Between Habits and Metabolism

Remember that study done with kids adopted at birth?

What’d we learn?

Another quick recap: We learned that whether or not the kids’ biological parents (with whom they never lived) got cancer before 50 had no effect whereas whether or not the adoptive parents (with whom they shared no genes but did “inherit” lifestyle habits) made a huge impact on the likelihood of the kids also getting cancer.

Again, the adoptive parents passed on HABITS. These habits are what led to increased cancer risk.


In short, those lifestyle habits (like poor nutrition, etc.) damaged ENERGY METABOLISM.


If you believe the metabolic theory of cancer (like I do), damaged energy metabolism is the fundamental cause of cancer.

Therefore, rehabilitating our ENERGY METABOLISM needs to be a primary therapeutic intervention. (Not necessarily exclusively, of course, as each case will be unique, work with your team, etc. but… We MUST prioritize rehabilitating our energy metabolism!)

In our next +1, we’re going to look at another fascinating study to bring the theoretical framework into even more clarity.

For today, let’s make the connection between habits and the dysfunctional energy metabolism that appears to be the primary cause of cancer.

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