#911 Foundation vs. Pillars

Our #1 Fundie? Sleep!

As we’ve discussed, in the Mastery phase of our Heroic Coach program, we recently marched through our fundamentals: Eat + Move + Sleep + Breathe + Be Present + Prosper.

Technically, we probably should have made it SLEEP + Eat + Move + Breathe + Be Present + Prosper.


Well, as our beloved sleep-researcher friend Matthew Walker tells us, sleep isn’t just another “pillar” of well-being (along with eating and moving, etc.), it’s THE FOUNDATION itself.

If the foundation is cracked, none of the other stuff will be as effective as it could be.



It’s SUPER (!!!) important. (Ahem.)

As you may recall, not too long ago we did a +1 tour through Matthew’s brilliant book Why We Sleep. If you haven’t read that book yet, please do. As I told our Coaches, “If you read just ONE book during our program, read this one. It has the potential to be the most life changing. Period.

With that in mind, we’re going to take a quick tour through some of the essential Ideas we covered in our session on Sleep.

We’ll start with Why We DON’T Sleep in our next +1.

For Today, if you feel so inspired, go Amazon Why We Sleep.

And, if you feel really inspired, get this wisdom tattooed on your consciousness:

I was once fond of saying, ‘Sleep is the third pillar of good health, alongside diet and exercise.’ I have changed my tune. Sleep is more than a pillar; it is the foundation on which the other two health bastions sit. Take away the bedrock of sleep, or weaken it just a little, and careful eating or physical exercise become less than effective, as we shall see.

Here’s to a very strong foundation for our fundies.

😴 🛌 💤

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