#1269 Food Prescriptions

Are More Effective Than Prescriptions for Medicine

Today I want to chat about food prescriptions.

“Food prescriptions? Really? There’s such a thing?”


Food prescriptions.

Did you know that wise scientists have actually studied whether it’s more cost-effective to prescribe FOOD to chronically-ill patients rather than just the medication?

Yep. They have.

And, you know what they found?

Well, first, let’s step back for a moment and recognize the fact that, unlike most of their traditionally-trained peers, these doctors and scientists know that it’s much wiser to treat the SYSTEMS that are creating the SYMPTOMS rather than just try to treat the symptoms themselves without addressing the underlying CAUSE of all the issues.

Yes. Of course, you can give someone medication to try to manage their diabetes. Or you can give medication to try to mitigate their blood pressure issues or whatever else is ailing them.


Wouldn’t it be a LOT wiser to figure out what’s CAUSING these issues and address THAT?

(It’s kinda obvious when you say it loud, eh?)


To bring the point home, let’s imagine a tree whose leaves are turning brown. It’s clearly not doing well. But you don’t know why.

You’re not a gardener so you call in an expert.

What would you say if that guy took a look at your brown-leaved tree then reached into his bag to pull out a can of green spray paint and then started painting your brown leaves green?

Then, after he finished the job, he wrote you a prescription to go to the local hardware store to get a can of green paint and told you to apply x sprays a day and you’d be fine?


We’d be like, “Dude. Are you INSANE?”


And, well…

Ummm… 🤔

Hate to break the news to you but, for as GREAT as traditional medicine is for ACUTE issues like broken bones and things like that (I say it again: God bless Dr. D for fixing me!!), they’re pretty much just as bad at dealing with CHRONIC issues like broken insulin and things like that.


Back to the research on food prescriptions.

Our wise doctors and scientists decided to apply some common sense (yet not commonly-practiced) wisdom and think about the big picture and the root causes of chronic diseases.

And, important note: These guys and gals ALSO KNOW that food IS medicine.


They ran some studies and prescribed food as medicine.


They discovered it’s WAY MORE COST EFFECTIVE to prescribe FOOD rather than just rely on the medicine.


And, bonus: Of course, food prescriptions can only reduce sick-care costs because it ALSO restores the patients’ health and vitality. Nice side effect, eh?! 🤓

We’ll share some details on that research in tomorrow’s +1.

For Today.

Got any Food Prescriptions you need to write for yourself (and for your family)?

Here’s the prescription pad.

Have fun with that!

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